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To achieve perfection, sometimes you must gamble .. And trust in yourself.

You must believe in the one you are gambling on, as well.

Atobe x Shishido: A Gamble for Perfection
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Welcome~! This is an open community for the shounen-ai/yaoi (boy's love) pairing of Atobe Keigo and Shishido Ryou from the anime/manga series Prince of Tennis. If you love this pairing, and you like to talk, write/post stories, art, graphics, or even just read and browse on topics about them, then you've come to the right place! All that we ask of you is to stay on topic and follow the rules when you post or comment in this community. Come sit down, meet other fans, and make yourself comfortable here. Don't be shy; introduce yourself when you join.

There are a few simple rules that you agree to follow as soon as you join this community. They're here to keep the peace and insure that everyone has a good time.

1. stay on topic when posting to this community. This is an AtoShishi/ShishiAto comm, so let's talk about them (ie, NOT the place to tell us how hot you think Tezuka is >>;). Also don't post quiz results, personal journal entries, or advertisements for other communities. If you're worried whether or not a post is appropriate, you may always ask.

2. Fanfiction/fanart should be posted in this format: (Labels are IMPORTANT!)
(G, PG, PG-13, NC-17)
(if so, then where?)
     Warnings: (violence, sexual content, language, death, etc)
     Spoilers?: (are there spoilers to the anime/manga? if so, state it please.)

Following that, cut it! (LJ-cuts are always as this: [lj-cut text="(insert text here)"] insert content here [/lj-cut] -- replace the '[]' with '<>')

3. This shouldn't really be necessary, but if you join, you're obviously a fan, right? Don't join this community to bash the pairing. It's stupid, immature, and creates unnecessary drama. On that note, flamers, trolls, and anyone not conducting themselves respectably will be banned instantly.

4. Please, pleaaaaase no 1337-$p34|< or net-talk 'omg atobe iz s000 aWeSoMe!!!111.' Proper grammar/spelling to the best of your abilities, okay? Thank you!

5. Lastly, and most definitely not least: have fun! ^^

This community is owned and maintained by enthroned. If you have any questions/concerns, or if you want to bring something to my attention, feel free to contact me. Don't hesitate!

Graphics and layout mods by enthroned. Header/Userinfo art by Clumsy Berry. Layout template by faceon. Textures by dearest.

Also, A special thanks to Alana, Ryou, and Yoko for lots and lots of things. ♥

colourbar made by ryouryou.